The Hertz Corporation
225 Brae Blvd                          
Park Ridge, NJ 07656                  

Includes:  Hertz, Dollar Thrifty, Firefly, Hertz 24/7 and
Hertz Equipment Rental
Hertz now owns Dollar Thrifty and the integration is still occurring. Please refer to the Dollar Thrifty Tab for specific Dollar Thrifty Car Control and Legal/Subpoena issues.

Vehicles registered as "The Hertz Corporation" 
24 Hour Law Enforcement Assistance 800-654-5060

HQ - Corporate Security
Gregory Donatello - Senior Director, Corporate Security
Tel: 201-307-2780     Fax: 866-888-1469    

John Berberian - Manager
Tel: 201-307-2050     Fax: 866-279-6916

Hertz Car Control - Oklahoma City, OK
Julie Wilkerson - Quality Control Administrator
Tel: 800-552-8482 x3014     Fax: 405-979-3613    

Hertz Subpoena's Should be Faxed To:
Carolyn Fry

Senior Legal Assistant
FAX - 866-999-5797

See Contact List on Home Page for Field Security Managers

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